Epoxy Floor Coat SL

Epoxy Floor Coat SL
Epoxy Floor Coat SL
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Product Code : Epoxy Floor Coat SL
Product Description

Product Description

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Free of solvents
  • High mechanical strength
  • Easy & fast application
  • Floor can be put in use quickly
  • Durability
  • Seamless
  • Aesthetic: Available in several colours
  • Provides a hygienic surface since easy to clean


Khodal SL can be used where a durable and easy to clean floor surface is required. Some typical applications include:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Dairies / breweries
  • Clean rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Packaging industry
  • Workshops
  • Factory shop floors
  • Kitchens

Surface Preparation

As is the case with every coating scheme, the surface profile is of utmost importance. In order to achieve optimum bonding between substrate and coating, it is necessary to apply this product only on fully dry and neatly cleaned surfaces.

Precautionary measures for new concrete floors:

Newly aid concrete surfaces are; For the first month or so after pouring, “green” meaning i.e. wet and alkaline. New concrete should be allowed to cure for 28 days prior to coating because of the concerns over the effect of water on floor coating adhesion. Check the moisture level (should be below 5%) prior to application.

Precautionary measures for old concrete floors:

Surface should be free from dust, grease, oil, laitance, loose material, old coatings etc. Generally cleaning with equivalent is enough to remove grease/oil. Smooth, aged concrete may be etched with dilute hydrochloric acid for suitable roughness and better adhesion of the epoxy flooring. In case of heavy oil & grease contamination, existing partial coating or structurally unsound concrete layer has occurred or old coatings are present mechanical cleaning is advisable.

Primer Application

After ensuring that the surface is free from all adverse factors, apply Concrete Primer a modified two component solvent less epoxy resin based primer.

Mix the entire content of the base and catalyst thoroughly and apply immediately to the surface by a notched trowel of the recommended teeth size and a spiked roller. brush or roller. Ensure proper penetration of the coating into the substrate with our kemoxy concrete primer. Allow the primer to set for 8 hours but not more than 16 hours prior to application of subsequent coats. Longer curing will require abrading of primer for proper adhesion.

Mix Khodal SL in the ratios given below by weight. It is advisable to use entire contents of each can to ensure accurate proportions and to enable estimation of consumption.

Add the parts in the sequence below, under continuous stirring by a very slow speed electric stirrer or jiffy blade mixer fitted on an electric drill till the mixture is homogeneous. DO NOT MIX BY HAND. Remove all material from each can. Scrape the sides of the container several times to ensure complete mixing. Be careful to not introduce any air bubbles while mixing.

Khodal SL Application

Mixing ratio by weight Part A Part B Part C Part D
1mm Thickness 2 1 3.5 0.50
2mm Thickness 2 1 5.8 0.20

Since the mix ratio is critical to the performance of the flooring system, it is advisable to mix the entire contents of the Four parts as supplied.

Quantity to be mixed should be calculated beforehand based on the area to be covered and coating thickness desired. One pack of Khodal SL (all 4 components) should cover an area as indicated below for floor thickness desired. Actual coverage will depend on texture, porosity, gradient (less than 5 degrees for SL systems) of the substrate.

Coating Thickness in mm Mix Density kg/liter Coverage in kg/m2
1.0 1.62 1.62
2 1.8 3.6

Pour the mixed Khodal SL onto the surface as soon as possible (See pot life) and spread using a serrated trowel. Immediately after the trowel application, a spiked roller should be used to ensure a level homogeneous surface free of voids and surface imperfections.

Do not overwork the material. Apply slowly to minimize bubbling. If bubbles appear, use a porcupine roller to produce a bubble free film. Khodal SL is designed for use without solvents, use of thinners is not recommended.

Technical Data

Pot Life

@24°C @34°C
30 mins. 15 mins
Curing Time @34°C
Tack Free 12 hours
Light Foot Traffic 24 hours
Normal Foot Traffic 3 days
Light Vehicular Traffic 7 days
Full Cure 10 days

Mechanical Properties

Test Test Method Typical Value
Compressive Strength ASTM D 695 8705 psi
Flexural Strength ASTM D 790 4200 psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength ASTM D - 638 5800 psi
Ultimate Tensile Strength ASTM D - 638 5800 psi
Adhesive Strength to primed concrete MIL-D- 3134 400 psi 100% Concrete failure
Shore Hardness D ASTM D 2240 85 Durometer method 80-85
Elongation at break ASTM D 638 7%
Impact/Mar Resistance ASTM D-8 1.5 kgs

Chemical Resistance

Individual and separate total immersion tests indicate the following resistance properties for Khodal SL. Good work practice calls for spills to be removed quickly and the surface well rinsed with water.

Mechanical Properties

5% Citric Acid R Acetone LR
30% Citric Acid R Butanol R
5% Citric Acid R Acetone LR
80% Citric Acid R Chloroform LR
5% Acetic Acid R Diethyl Ether R Carrot Juice R
90% Acetic Acid MR Dimethylformanide LR Vegetable Juice R
30% Lactic Acid GR Dimethylsulphate R Milk GR
10% Tartaric Acid R Ethyl Acetate SR 5% Starch Solution R
Pure Oleic Acid R Hexane R Salt Water (Brine 20%) R
30% Nitric Acid R Fuel Oil R 10% Lechtin/Soya R
50% Phosphoric Acid GR Kerosene R Hydrogen Peroxide R
75% Sulphuric Acid SR Petrol R Pool Chlorine R
36% Hydrochloric Acid R Methylated Spirit R Caustic Soda R

Methylene Chloride NR 20% Amm. Persulphate R

Propanol R 0.88 Ammonia R

Tetrahydrofuran LR

Toluene R

Xylene R

Note: Cured for 28 days at 25º C

  • Key: R= Resistance greater than 6 months
  • GR= Good Resistance-Greater than 3 months and less than 6 months
  • MR= Moderate Resistance- Greater than 1 week and less than 3 months
  • Note: Cured for 28 days at 25º C

  • Key: R= Resistance greater than 6 months
  • GR= Good Resistance-Greater than 3 months and less than 6 months
  • MR= Moderate Resistance- Greater than 1 week and less than 3 months
  • SR= Some Resistance- Greater than 3 hours and less than 1 week
  • LR= Low Resistance- Less than 3 hours
  • NR= No Resistance- Softens Immediately
  • The above results are issued in good faith and are based on laboratory testing and are given as a guide to product performance. It is essential that the end users satisfy themselves as to the products performance under specific required conditions.

    These Results are based on Mixing all 4 component , if any component is used other than Khodal chemicals , supplier will not be responsible for the end properties


For cleaning of application equipment and tools use Khodal’s thinner no.3.


For maximum life expectancy, routinely sweep and wash floors with conventional detergent cleaners. Do not steam clean: all spills powder or liquid should be cleaned up immediately. Inspect the floor regularly for wear, breaks or damages. Such areas maybe renovated by reapplying. Khodal SL in consultation with Khodal’s technical service personnel or authorized applicator.

Safety Precautions

Take care to avoid skin or eye contact and breathing vapours. In the event of the skin contact immediately wash thoroughly. In the event of eye contact, wash continuously for 15 minutes in water and seek medical advice. Wear protective clothing, gloves, and safety glasses while using this product. If inhalation occurs, move to fresh air and seek medical advice in case of difficulty in breathing. Keep material away from heat, flames, and sources of ignition. For further details read Material Safety DataSheet.

Directions For use

Epoxy Amine reaction is temperature dependent , At lower temperature Drying & curing will get affected & will become slower , at higher temperatures it bound to give lower working time & pot life as well as faster drying. Do Not Apply in area where DEW may get deposited in night or in very high humidity as it may give film defects Sheet.


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